How to Invest in Space: Information and Services for Space Investors

In the last few years the theme of Space Investing has grown into a mainstream topic, competing with ESG and sustainable intiatives. Space as an asset class was competing with blockchain based innovations, like alternative coins, and now Artificial Intelligence. Space will always be an ongoing industry, going through different phases of growth.
We have seen a wave of Space SPACs and Space Funds, including ETFs.
Note: All prospective investors and investments will have to be screened in relation to the regulation restrictions of their jurisdictions.

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Individuals /
Private Investors / First Time Investors

how to invest in spacex

You've kept up to date with SpaceX launches, Virgin Galactic test flights, and the new technological innovations to send humans to the Moon or Mars, and return them.
The implications are well above that of re-usable rockets and first class tickets to space; new markets are opening up, space commerce is here yet the exact niches are yet to be defined.

The lowering of the cost of launch and the inevitability of space tourism are just the beginning. Yet how do you invest in space when there are so many companies, technologies, and start-ups?

Entrepreneurs / Angel Investors / High Net Worth / Family Trusts

The gradual generation of wealth, the preservation of capital throughout the generations, and the opportunities that come once in a lifetime, are real and tangible events that need to be researched, modelled and strategically invested in.

For High Net Worth and Angel Investors there are different strategic investments that can be made into space commerce; To be part of it, it is merely a question of risk appetite, expectations on the return on investments, and knowing what to invest in.

Corporate / Venture Capital / Private Equity / Technology Funds

Space Investing Research

The scaling-down of launch costs, plus the tooling-up of developing economies into high-tech space hubs, means that new space manufacturing, production and services companies will have a competitive advantage.

Part of their growth will be through Mergers and Acquistions, Financing, and potential IPOs.
Right now the miniaturization of space technology like CubeSats, the downstream data applications for B2C and B2B markets, and the new talent making it all happen, is the next market to be in.

Interview with Simon Drake by FinancialFox about Space Investing - January 2022

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Start your rocket engine because this is the Next Space Race and you want to invest in this space race.

Now all investors can invest in space and we are here to help you - but first acquaint yourself with how you can invest based on how much money you have.

The survey below helps us determine how you can invest in space in a manner that suits you.

Not all space investments are the same, there are space entrepreneurs, founders of space start-ups, plus all types of technology to consider like launch (rockets), satellites (including Cubesats, nanosats, small satellites), the Internet of Things in space, space tourism craft, asteroid mining business plans) and downstream satellite data applications. There are many choices and we can help you find the way.
Space Ventures Investors is currently developing a range of space industry financial products to enable private investors and institutional investor to actively invest in space.
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Different Sectors of Space...

Space Resources

Visit Space Resources .eu: to find out more about Asteroid Mining and Lunar Resources, including business models, the technology, and the opportunity of when and how to enter this highly complex but lucrative field.

To explore the possibility of Moon Mining Claims including registering commercial and public activity on the Lunar surface, visit Lunar Resources Registry.

Space Tourism

Find out more about Space Tourism: Orbiting Hotels and Facilities as Infrastructure, how providers of manned orbiting facilities can in time become succesful, and the infrastructure required to make it happen.

Space Funds

Looking to invest in a space fund? Thinking of a tax efficient space fund with low fees and a broad portfolio of investments? Read our overview and explanation of Space Funds: ETF, EIS, Closed, Open etc...
Click here for help when choosing a Space Fund from around the world.

Space Stocks

Information relating to new and existing listed Space Companies, including SPACS, and the areas they cover.

Find our more about Space Stocks AND:

Space Stocks and Space Funds

This includes updates on such space equities and funds as:
Airbus Share Price. Stay up to date!
RocketLab Share Price. The new launch kid on the block.
Virgin Galactic Share Price. When does space tourism really fly high?
ARK Space ETF Analysis. A big name space fund!
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